How To Become A Blog Writer and Earn $50 Daily!

If you want to learn how to become a blog writer, you’re right here.

A fast Google search resulted in hills of recommendations, leaving you with even more inquiries than when you began!

You’re determined to figure out, once and for all, how to grow your talent on a career path that not only puts food on the table but changes your life in ways you can’t put a price on.

In the straightforward actions listed below, you’ll find out exactly how to choose what sort of contacting concentrate on as well as where to locate the very best writing tasks as soon as you do.

Prepared to take those very first steps towards ending up being an expert author?


No person’s stating it’ll occur overnight. By giving each of the following steps your patient and full attention and taking action every day, you’ll make steady and measurable progress.

This is just how you go from being a hopeful author to landing a terrific creating work.

Exactly how to Come to be an Author in 9 Actions
That does not enjoy a detailed technique to making wonderful points occur?

Allow’s dive in.

1. Pick a Course

Your choice to end up being an author is simply the start. When it concerns expert composing for a revenue, you have numerous satisfying courses to pick from:

  • Blog writing: Develop a target market by composing by yourself system (or visitor blog post on various other blog sites).
  • Freelance writing: Create top notch material for publications and clients.
  • Copywriting: Compose advertising and marketing duplicate and also aid with branding.
  • Composing nonfiction publications: Share understanding as well as gain nobility earnings.
  • Creating fiction: Inform tales and also make aristocracy revenue.
  • Composing: Combine your ability with an additional’s voice to compose publications or produce viral material.
  • Journalism: Create for a paper and/or publications.
  • Several of these most likely delight you greater than others. And also you would not be the very first author to attempt greater than one course prior to picking the most effective fit.

Exactly how do you make a decision where to start?

Discover as long as you can regarding the courses that fascinate you.
Speak with seasoned blog owners, reporters, ghostwriters, and so on.
Attempt your hand at creating tasks for various courses (part-time).
Whatever you attempt, be truthful regarding your dispositions. It shows when you’re writing what you love (or what you don’t).

2. Overcome Yourself as well as Simply Start.

Exactly how to come to be an author lady authors obstruct.

Both are reasonable inquiries. The initial step to creating much more conveniently, however, is to quit self-editing in your head prior to words obtain an opportunity to find out.

You’re resting there before an empty web page, questioning, “Why did I assume ending up being an author would certainly be simple? Just how do I begin a creating occupation if I can not consider what to create?”.

Overcome the suggestion that every sentence you compose needs to be ideal. Your anxiety of making blunders, or of making something less than best, is the beast behind author’s block and also laziness.

It remains in there, I assure.

And also it’s what makes it feasible for all kinds of authors to encounter extreme objection, to come back up, as well as to continue creating.

To be a great writer, you need something stronger: Resilience.

3. Compose Daily.

Author’s create. As well as expert authors compose on a daily basis.

That could seem stringent. Those who take their writing seriously make time for it in their daily routines.

  • Journal access.
  • Blog site ideas and posts.
  • Letters or emails.
  • Freewriting with motivates.
  • Innovative composing workouts.
  • In addition to making use of a practice tracker application (such as this one), several authors discover it practical to establish a minimal word matter target for the day– or a minimal variety of mins invested creating.

Applications like PomoDoneApp make use of the Pomodoro method to assist you complete extra in convenient portions of time.

Begin with something you recognize will certainly be convenient for you, also when you’re exhausted and also your mind simply does not wan na (due to the fact that those days will certainly come).

Below are some suggestions on what to create:.

exactly how to end up being an author pomodone application.

Unless you’re nighttime, you possibly have extra power in the early morning than you perform in the night; take a few of that time for your brand-new composing practice.

A year from now, if you stick with your daily practice, you’ll have sharpened your writing skills and learned how to keep going when the going gets tough. As well as both will certainly offer you well.

If it’s something you just do when you really feel passionate, it’s a pastime, not an occupation.

4. Concentrate on “Deep Job”.

In order to do your ideal job, you require a composing room that’s free of distractions. Only when you immerse yourself in your writing can you enter a flow state, where the “deep work” happens.

  • Clarify your goals and prepare. Know what you want to accomplish before each day, each week, each month, etc, begins.
  • Automate what you can. Use project management tools to automate your workflow and free up more time for deep work.
  • Focus on one thing at a time. Choose one task and give all your attention to that for 40 minutes to an hour or two.
  • Create a daily ritual. Create a dedicated space and allocate a specific time period for your daily deep work sessions.
  • Silence social media. It’s a distraction you don’t need. Allocate separate, small blocks of time for this.
  • When you’re done, quit. No points for overdoing it. Your brain needs quality rest to do quality written work.
  • Read the book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, by Cal Newport, and keep it as a helpful reference and reminder.
  • how to become a writer deep work book.

It happens when you take the following steps seriously (including # 6):.

It isn’t so much about working “smarter, not harder.” It’s working smarter and harder to get the best possible results. When you multitask, and that doesn’t happen.

5. Read More.

Being a good reader is essential to being a good writer. And what you choose to read will often influence the way you write.

  • On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction by William Zinsser (best book on the mechanics of the language).
  • Save the Cat by Blake Snyder (best book on story structure).
  • Story Engineering by Larry Brooks (storytelling and novel writing).
  • CA$ HVERTISING: How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone by Drew Eric Whitman (structure and mechanics for copywriting).
  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King (best book on being a writer).
  • You don’t know what you don’t know. And you’ve yet to discover how the books you read will change your path as a writer.

One way to make sure you get some quality reading in during the year is to make yourself a monthly reading list with books in the following categories:.

With that in mind, we ‘d like to recommend a few good books on writing:.

  • Books on the craft of writing.
  • Books like the ones you want to write.
  • Books you read for fun.
  • Your list doesn’t have to look like every other writer’s, but don’t underestimate the value of a sincere recommendation.

6. Always Be Learning and Leveling Up.

If you’re wondering what kind of education you need to be a better writer, we have some good news: you don’t need a college degree to earn a good income with your craft (though, it doesn’t hurt).

Leveling up your interaction with them should be an integral part of your plan.

  • Take online courses on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, or
  • Level up with certification programs like those offered by Smart Blogger.
  • Take a college writing course or earn a writing degree, such as an MFA, a Bachelor’s degree in English, Literature, or Journalism, or an industry-focused Associates degree.
  • Submit your best work to writing contests.
  • Set up a writer’s website and learn how to develop it into an asset.
  • As you’ll see in the next tip, you can learn plenty from your fellow writers as well as from readers (particularly those who read the kinds of written content you want to write).

What you do need is to keep learning and developing as a writer.

Aside from reading good books, there are other ways to continue your education:.

7. Join a Writing Community.

how to become a writer on facebook writing groups.

Learn what you can to help each other grow.

Whatever stage you’ve reached, you have valuable insights to share, and so do they.

No writer is an island. If you plan on getting paid, that’s especially true.

  • Facebook groups for writers (Search “writing,” and you’ll find plenty).
  • Facebook groups for your chosen genre or writing path.
  • LinkedIn groups.
  • Local writing groups (Look up” [nearest city] writing groups”).
  • Online communities like CampNaNoWriMo and Critique Circle.
  • Networking events for writers like the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference.
  • Put yourself in situations where you’ll meet other writers, particularly those drawn to the same paths that interest you.

It’s never too early to join a writing community and to start learning from other members and sharing what you know.

8. Find Paid Writing Opportunities.

Once you’re ready to start writing for money, it’s time to get acquainted with all the best places to find paid writing opportunities:.

Make time for daily checks of job boards.

  • Job boards: Problogger, FlexJobs, and
  • LinkedIn: in writing or industry-specific groups.
  • Facebook: in writing or niche-specific groups.
  • Writer guidelines for magazines and book publishers.
  • Social media channels like Twitter and Instagram.
  • how to become a writer freelance writing guidelines.

Look through guidelines for magazines and publishers that interest you. And allocate some time for job searching on social media channels where you’ve built connections with fellow writers, editors, and publishers.

9. Cultivate Credibility.

Don’t forget to ask for a testimonial once you’ve received your first payment from a client. Think of it as a way to ensure you’ve met all their expectations.

And when you’re starting out, it’s an easy thing to forget.

If you’re worried the client will be annoyed by your request, we can tell you (from experience on both sides) if your client is happy with your work, they’ll be happy to write something complimentary about it.

It’s working smarter and harder to get the best possible results. And that doesn’t happen when you multitask.

It’s a distraction you don’t need. Allocate separate, small blocks of time for this.
Your brain needs quality rest to do quality written work.

Each well-crafted testimonial benefits you in the following ways:

  • Shows client satisfaction, gratitude, and even loyalty.
  • Articulates exactly how you benefited each client.
  • Acts as a referral to build trust in potential clients.
  • Gives you a chance to increase a good client’s visibility.
  • Helps you discover areas that need improvement.
  • With that last one, you may have to read between the lines and ask your client for clarification. None of these benefits come without asking.


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