How To Become A Body Builder

One of the most rewarding feelings an individual can have is that of physical achievement, and no career embodies this drive for success more than bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is both a hobby and a professional sport that has become popular with both men and women. So how does one begin? How does one become a bodybuilder?

The first step one needs to consider is to find out what kind of body type they have. An individual’s body type will affect how they exercise and what they eat; this is the cornerstone of bodybuilding. The ectomorph is a body type that is typically skinny with a thinner frame. These individuals tend to have a high metabolism and burn off calories very quickly. The mesomorph is an all-around body type that has a healthy metabolism and body build.

A mesomorph cannot lose fat as quickly as the ectomorph or gain muscle as soon as the endomorph. The endomorph is typically someone who can build muscle and accumulate fat very quickly. An endomorph usually has a slower metabolism in comparison to the other types. These three body types are critical in understanding one’s physical goals as they all must train radically differently to achieve the same results. Too many people do not understand their body type and thus fail to make any meaningful gains and end up wasting a lot of effort.

Bodybuilding Diet

The second step is watching one’s diet. Diet is surprising, the most critical factor in a bodybuilder’s training regimen. The only way to achieve the sizes typical of a bodybuilder is from regular and precise intakes of certain foods, for instance. For the average bodybuilder- protein is the order of the day because it feeds directly to muscle growth. Some popular proteins include eggs, poultry, and lean meat. Another essential attribute is the consumption of fat and sugar, which is considered detrimental and should be used sparingly.

Carbohydrates and calories also play a significant role in food intake, especially when considering the athlete’s body type, generally speaking though, ectomorphs must eat a lot, mesomorphs must balance themselves, and endomorphs should eat very carefully. While there are many different approaches to the balance of diet, one thing remains obvious- a future bodybuilder must eat cleanly. The cleaner one eats, the better and quicker the results come- this means minimizing reliance on processed foods, eating right home-cooked meals, with nutritionally high value but not necessarily always organic food.

Exercise For Body Building

The third step is the oft popularized image of the bodybuilder- exercise. Exercise to the bodybuilder is a science of sculpting one’s body according to one’s wants and needs. Typically for a bodybuilder, this means developing muscles that have the maximum visual appeal- this means large but also very defined or ripped muscles. Again one must consider their body type when deciding on their workout plan- ectomorphs must lift heavier weights with fewer sets than say the mesomorph. Still, on the flip side, an endomorph will be concerned with minimizing fat to show off his substantial muscle gains. There are many exercise theories, but dedication and routine coupled with diet make results in bodybuilding a reality.

One of the most critical issues in the bodybuilding community is steroid use. While steroids are still the subject of much debate, one must keep in mind that they are currently illegal, socially frowned upon, and even pose a primary safety concern.

The ability to sculpt, enlarge, and go beyond the norms of what is typical for a human body is an endeavor that can lead to more self-confidence, more attraction, and, most importantly, a healthy long living body. To become a bodybuilder embodies that path.

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