How To Become A Dentist

If you have thought about “how to become a dentist,” it is only logical to assume that this profession is something you are considering. In the first place, you never would have arrived in such a query if you were not entertaining the possibility of immersing yourself in the said field.

But how to become a dentist is just one of the things you have to consider when it comes to this subject. There are other things you need to ponder on to determine whether it is the career path you would wish to delve into.

Becoming a dentist: Things You Should Expect

The first thing you should understand is that dentistry is a rather challenging profession. It entails a lot of patience, hard work, dedication, and of course, an ample dose of knowledge and intellect. This career path, compared to others, will require you to devote a reasonable amount of time, effort, and money for your education. But if you can rise above the challenges inherent on how to become a dentist, you are bound to be rewarded in the future with a fulfilling and lucrative profession.

Salary Of Dentists

In 2018, the field of the industry would see considerable growth that could amount to 16%. It is considered as one of the fastest-growing professional areas. This career is also deemed as one of the most high-paying jobs there are. The annual salary for professional dentists may range between $160,000 to $190,000. Such figures are indeed tempting considering the country’s fluctuating economy since these figures can allow financial stability, among many others. Also, this profession is something you can practice anywhere; hence it will enable you with the level of flexibility and freedom you require to function as a human being fully.

Education For Becoming Dentist

The educational path involved in the field of dentistry can be a bit intimidating. But all things considered, this path is just what a student needs for him or her to grasp what the field is about and how the job is done correctly. How to become a dentist typically involves immersion in various science disciplines and studies.

A student must have simple science and mathematics skills in high school. This will prepare him or her for possible admission to a dental college.
Dental colleges require applicants to accomplish various requirements. These requirements typically include a specific high school grade average minimum, admission test completion and passing, and recommendations. Once the applicant meets all these requirements, he or she can then enroll in a dental college.

After dental college, a student will then undergo on-the-job training between two to four years. This exposure seeks to hone their practical skills based on their acquired knowledge and concepts within the clinical or professional setup After accomplishing the required amount of internship hours or units, you can then apply for the state-specific dentistry licensure examination. Once you pass this examination, you are then prepared to take on the many challenges related to the practice of dentistry.


Before you finally decide on becoming a dentist, make sure you know about the work environment of dentists as well as other options you have within your chosen profession The first thing you should consider is whether you want to be a specialist dentist or a general dentist. An expert dentist aspirant can choose from areas like orthodontics – caters to teeth irregularities, prosthodontics – false teeth or dentures creation, periodontics – deals with gum-related problems as well as other surrounding teeth structures, and endodontics – primarily concerned with the diseases encountered in the dental pulp. General dentists, on the other hand, take care of public oral health care and other basic dental concept applications.

Once you have decided in terms of what kind of dentist you prefer to be, the next thing you have to ponder on is whether you wish to do public or private practice. General practice will allow you to work in dental clinics, hospitals, and even with the military. On the other hand, private practice is a choice wherein you have to put up your clinic and gather or establish your pool of clients.

Tips on becoming a dentist

How to become a dentist? Be as prepared as you can be. You can do just that by following these steps:

  • Volunteer in dental offices or clinics so as you can get early training and have a competitive edge within the industry.
  • Immerse yourself in an extensive study of the sciences and mathematics. The principles inherent within these disciplines will allow you to improve your analytical skills, which are quite indispensable in any medical profession.
  • Be sure to sign up only with the best dental school. There is a difference between the training provided by less traditional academic institutions as compared to those that have already garnered acclaims in terms of academic excellence.
  • Take your lectures and training seriously. By fully immersing yourself in the concepts and skills imparted within the confines of a school, you will have more knowledge base to tap come licensure examination.
  • Review dental materials before taking a dental school admission test. And of course, the same should be done before taking the licensure examination. Make sure that you are ready for the mixed questions that could show up in the test.

Dentistry is one of those jobs or professions that offer so much possibility for growth. Whether you would eventually prefer to do private practice or its opposite, you can rest assured that you will be rewarded for all the effort, time, and money you have spent on your schooling. Enrolling in a dental college is an investment in many aspects. But it is a rather smart investment.

How to become a dentist is something you must mull over if you are entertaining a profession within the dental industry. Simple as it is, the question of how to become a dentist can help you answer so many other related queries that could eventually aid you when it comes to the future decision you have to make.

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