How to Become a Police Officer

Police Officer

A career with Police can be very challenging and highly competitive yet it can be a very rewarding and beneficial career. Some people decide to become police officer early in their life while others realize later either way there are steps that one need to take in order to become a police officer and earlier you get started better it is for you and for your new career.

Job of the police officer or a cop is basically to enforce law and public safety. Police officers main duty is to fight against crime while protecting the public and in order to do that sometimes a police officer may have to risk his life to save others.

How to become a Police Officer

If you have decided to become a police officer there are number of steps that you have to take in order to become a police offer. In order to become a police officer one must be atleast high school graduate while additional education and experience is preferred. There are number of courses that one can take in colleges related to criminal justice for those who are interested in becoming a police officer. Like with any other career the more advanced your experience or training and education is the more successful your application will be.

To be a Police officer you must be in very good physical state. If you are considering joining police as a police officer than you should participate in physical activities and should take care of your body, health and fitness by joining a gym or engaging in physical activities such as sports. To become a police officer or cop you will be required to go through a background check which will check if you have committed any felony or other crimes which may decrease your chance of becoming a police officer.

To become a police officer you will be required to take a civil service exam which is offered by police departments that has job openings. There are courses available in schools and colleges as well as private instructional courses to help you score good on civil service exam. If you pass the civil service exam you are then required to take a physical exam that will test your physical strengths and weaknesses if you succeed on physical exam then you will be required to take a drug test and interviews with police departments. If you are accepted in a police department after succeeding all the exams you will then be sent to police academy for training to prepare you become a police officer. This training often ranges from three months to a year and will prepare you fully for your job.

Police Officer as a Career

Police officers or cops have to take ongoing educational courses and attend seminars if required by a police department.

There are lot of advancement opportunities available in this government department. Becoming a police officer might be a lengthy and hard process but this career is very well worth it at the end.

Best of the luck with your new career.

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