How To Become An Detective

Many people are willing to live the life of a detective, but the question in their mind is how to become a detective. They can become a detective either by applying through police departments or by making their career in the private sector.

In the first method, you become a detective by applying yourself as a police officer, then you go further up by promotions and get the seat of detective. The other way is to make your profile in the private sector. Then you will have no intervention in the law and order authorities officially.


In the first method, you become a detective bypassing multiple series of tests, interviews, and other related examinations by the police authorities. The candidates who pass, then become police officers, either traffic police officers or ordinary street officers. The police department then promotes these officers on the rank of detective. This is the one way to become a detective through police departments.

In the second method, you build your profile as a detective on your own. You fulfill different requirements for becoming a detective, which include having a driving license, medical report, clearance from criminal lists, or no-crime certificate. Your state will give you a permit, which will be your new identity- A detective.

Those were some ways of how to become a detective. Now, we shall discuss some of the essential qualities that should have a real detective.

Tips To Become A Detective

  1. His communication skills should be extraordinary. As the detective has to communicate with different types of people like victims and witnesses etc. so he needs to improve his communication skills.
  2. A detective should be fast in decision-making. A real detective always makes a right and appropriate decision in no time.
  3. Patience is the backbone of a detective. This patience may be as long as for 1 or 2 years, but a detective should be patient and should wait for the right time to catch his target or goal.
  4. A detective should be intelligent and appropriately use all the available resources to get more benefits from fewer resources.
  5. A detective should observe everything, and every act, deeply with full concentration. He should be aware of his surroundings and should know what’s going on in his environment
  6. A detective should have a questioning nature. He should link all possibilities linked to a situation by examining a victim. He must go under the bottom layer of the investigation so that nothing is left behind. The best way is to interview the suspects & collection of proofs at the scene.
  7. The investigator must be vigilant. The memorizing power should be sharp enough to remember the chats and gestures. He should pick up the facial expressions of suspects and nervousness in different situations during interviewing. In the end, the links between findings are matched, allowing them to solve the case effectively.
  8. The questioning must be relevant and logical, so to enable the investigator to judge in advance the upcoming evidence. Many ambiguities are neglected in this way, thus linearly organizing the case.
  9. Most of all, the detective should be well aware of the law & order situation and should act according to the defined rules. Being loyal to the state must be a motto. The credit is maintained in this way otherwise lost.

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