How To Become Famous

How To Become Famous: Ready to become an actor or become an actress? Here are some great tips to get you started. Acting is a business: that is what most people forget. Many young performers think that all it takes is a talent to get famous, and that work and planning come last. However, acting in films is no less of a career choice than being a gymnast or a pro football player.

It takes training, practice, and strategy. The good thing about treating your acting career like a business is that it gives you the power to become a success, to get famous, and to do what you love, sometimes for a heck of a lot of money.

The first thing that a working actor needs to do before casting can begin is to get organized. Keep track of everything you do and everyone you meet. Who knows what relationship might one day lead to an audition or a great casting session. Even extra work has its place. Then make a chart, listing every person that you know in the entertainment business, even if they work in the coffee shop on the Sony Pictures Lot. You may be surprised at how many “industry people” you actually know. Then get some numbers and start making calls. See who is doing what with whom and if anybody knows anything about anyone. Soon you will be going to parties and casting sessions and luncheons. Never say no to anyone who can help you. How to be famous and to become a movie star is part talent, part skill, part luck, and part drive. You must make sure that you have the drive.

If you have never heard of a “mentor,” it is about time you do. Mentors are invaluable allies in your battle to get famous. Most mentors are famous experts in your field who you contact and request to advise you for a month, which consists of a phone call once a week at a designated time where they make themselves available to you for five or ten minutes. You ask them questions, ask them advice, tell them what you want to do, and see if they can help you with a plan for success. The secret of how to become famous is often in their hands. You must let your mentor know upfront that you will not ask them for a job, a contact, or an agent referral, although you may talk about auditions and casting in general. Keep the phone calls advisory. If you choose a mid-level producer that you admire or a star from a few years back, they will probably have the time, and they wish often honored to be asked to give advice.

In conclusion, keep audition lists, keep track of casting calls, and even write down what you wore and what style hair you had, so that you can track your appearance. So when you keep getting callbacks when your hair is up, or you’re wearing a certain outfit, you know, that looking that same way gets you more jobs. In addition, keep practicing, taking classes, any classes, so long as someone you trust recommends them. Remember, you are your own instrument of expression, and you must stay well-tuned and limber, always ready for the big opportunity. That is how to become famous in Hollywood.

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