How To Start A Blog

Writing a Blog Post

In case you missed it, I wrote about writing a blog post in the mid-spring of this year. Blogging isn’t easy. It takes some time and resources, and more importantly, you have to stick to it and maintain it. If you’re the shy person I know you are, making a blog will make you feel a bit more confident and share more thoughts.

As I was researching online, I learned how to get started with blogging and I’m basically jumping into it as soon as possible. I know you’re probably thinking the same thing, that blogging is really easy, but in fact, it’s not.

Blog Posts are Long

You’re not allowed to post your blog posts for 5 days after registering, but there are plenty of blogs out there, from large numbers of authors. It also includes the fact that most blogs are not meant to be read online. They’re meant for print. You can check one to see that the page had been down for a long time.

A lot of blogs take a similar style to a Medium blog, but I have not decided to become a Medium blogger anytime soon. If you’re interested, check out their blog, Twp.

The right post means longer. Keep track of your story to make sure you have the right content. It does take time though.

I had a hard time reviewing the comments I got on my first version of the blog post. Every article needed commenting; the post only had a message saying something like “Thank you for reading this,” not even the messages were of the same type. One of the commenters posted something very long and I gave her the same response back as before.

I didn’t reply back since it was inappropriate and trying to be funny wouldn’t actually work, I still did something that I wouldn’t do in real life. To me, the choice was not a good one. I think the comments might get better because there is someone to answer them.

New Blog Posts can be worse, as I found out later. You can also review your blog post and modify your section for the better. You have a longer time to get it to good quality.

Your Content Must Be Popular

My first article to get new readers was about writing a blog and promoting it. I wanted to compare the development of blogging and other social media platforms. I titled it “Online social media is a business and a product.” My favorite topic was promotional content and how every company makes it in the digital world. A lot of links turned into YouTube ads that got people interested, and the first commenters are other creators, I had to show more before they would give my blog my attention.

Your home page is the best place to start marketing your blog. There’s no way to predict the reviews you’ll get, but it depends on the high number of people liking your blog and share it to their friends.

To help you with the process, I recommend going on blogs. Medium, Vimeo, YouTube, Social TV, Medium, and Dolly Radio are the best places to start. You have to play the right role in your community to get people to see you as a writer. You will not be invited to participate in online forums just to make you look good. Do you want to have followers? You have to prove yourself.

I have to update my blog post to make it more interesting. But that doesn’t take that much time. It may take a little more time to become a popular content writer, but it’s not that long.

As for me, I write for the joy of it. I’ve never been much of a writer since I was in middle school. I’m the one on the web that comments. I’m always amazed at how readers get more creative and humorous in their writing on things I don’t even know. People just try to share the stories they are inspired by.

The content I write about is about creating memories and getting others to create memories with me. People become more successful when they share their ideas with others, and the people see that they also deserve to have something to write about.

The world is a great place and I want to be a part of it. This blog is just a start. I’m here to share my experiences.

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